ADT Wireless Security Alarm Cost

The ADT wireless security alarm cost per month is not bad when you weigh all the benefits you get. Are you looking for a new security system but don’t want to put a bunch of wires in your house? Then you might be ready for a wireless security system from ADT. When I moved recently, I got a wireless system and it is wireless in more than just the sensors. A wireless security system can have two meanings. The first being that the sensors can be wireless which mine are and the second that the system can communicate with ADT or the security company without a phone line.

That is the feature that I like the best. My old system was tied to a phone line and would be thieves could simply cut the phone line and get around the system. For the new system, it can be circumnavigated but it is more difficult.  They have to interrupt the wireless signal before it reaches the alarm company. This can be done but it would have to be very fast. And if you harden the area where your main alarm system is stored at, it becomes nearly impossible.

What about battery life though?  It’s a wireless system so you would think that the batteries would be a concern. When I initially moved in I was concerned about that but the batteries are actually small specialized batteries and they last a long time. When you have to replace a battery in one of the sensors, they are roughly $10 for two batteries. I have only had 1 battery need to be replaced in the year I have lived at the new place. And the alarm system will warn you when your batteries are about to run out, so it is not as if it is suddenly you are not protected. You have some advance notice.

You can also get something called a Fob with your system that goes on your key chain just like a remote to your car. This is your key to unlock the system or arm it. It also has a panic option on it, so that you can press the panic button and let the alarm company know that you need help.  All of this is wireless which makes me prefer it much more than the older system that I had.

When I first moved into the house, they quoted me a rate of $45 dollars for the system per month but when talking with my local ADT sales rep, we were able to drop the price down to $30 dollars per month with no additional charges.  That was a no-brainer for me. Wireless is very nice and it does give you some piece of mind.  I have a number of sensors as well so I think my install is probably fairly typical for an average house. Wireless is definitely something to look at when you buy ADT on a monthly basis. The benefits I can see to a wireless ADT system are as follows:

1. Better security protection because you are not wired into the alarm company via your phone line which can be cut.

2. No wires run through your house to the sensors.

3. Optional items such as the panic button type fobs you can get for your key chain.

4. Newer ADT system. I do like the newer system for the upgraded firmware

5. Low battery alerts when your system is running low on battery for one of the wireless sensors.

Given these things, I wouldn’t hesitate on installing a wireless ADT alarm system in my house. The cost per month is not bad for ADT and you get the benefit of a great company to monitor your home and keep you safe. Let me know your thoughts. Do you have a security system? Do you like your security system? What would you change about it?