ADT to buy Broadview Security Systems

One of the largest security companies in the country is getting larger. ADT will be purchasing Broadview security systems sometime this year.  This process was to start in the early part of 2010. People are asking what they should do now that the merger is taking place. The best advice that I can give is to shop around. These companies have complete control over your contract and can ammend it at anytime. The costs associated with each company are very similar, usually a $30 / month monitoring fee. Broadview was charging more for their security systems as an upfront hardware charge than ADT. Some of that will change when the two companies merge.

When ADT is done buying Broadview, Broadview will be rebranded as ADT.

Here is a list of the top security companies in the United States by revenue and number of subscribers:

1. ADT:  $223 Million (Recurring Monthly Revenue), 5 Million (Subscribers)
2. Brink’s/Broadview:  $40.5 Million, 1.3 Million
3. Protection One: $26.7 Million, 1.8 Million
4. Monitronics: $19.1 Million, 528,000
5. Stanley CSS: $16.7 Million, 285,000

One point that is important here is that there are local companies that you can have your security system with as well. If you don’t feel like you want to be part of a mega corporation, then shop around and check out some of the companies near you.

Also, you can consider installing your own security system at your house and having someone else monitor it. DIY security systems are becoming more popular as new technologies emerge.  Many of the systems sold today are wireless, so you don’t have to drill holes in your wall or doors to place all of the sensors.

You can find more security systems at and other similar sites. I also will start reviewing wireless security systems here as well – .