ADT Specials and Promotions

If you are looking for an ADT special or promotional offer on ADT, then it might make sense to also contact ADT as well as some authorized resellers of ADT. If you Google ADT specials and promotions you will find that there are some specials out there but they are from ADT resellers. These resellers are selling the ADT product and getting a commission when they sell it. That means more of a markup for you. Consider this one example that I saw. For $36.99 per month, you get a free system but you have to pay an install fee of $99.00 dollars.

If however, you go directly to ADT and signup with them and sign a three year contract, then you will only pay $28.99 per month. That is a better deal and you don’t have to pay the $99.00 installation service fee. To me, I would rather deal with the company directly than through one of the resellers.