ADT Rebates and Coupons and how to submit and rebate to ADT

When I purchased my ADT system I didn’t even know that there was a rebate out there but they do offer rebates. I was shocked to find this out. The base ADT package rate is around $99 dollars. That’s not that bad but a rebate is a rebate. So I decided to try to find out more information on the rebates and how they work.

Have you ever filled out a rebate form? Most of the time I do this at Christmas. I found that the ADT rebate forms were not even done by ADT but by a third party company. That should not be surprising because most companies don’t have the resources to devote to keeping track of rebates coming in from consumers.  I found out some details about the rebates.

The rebates come from ADT resellers out there. So if you have an ADT reseller in your area, then you can ask them if there are any rebates available. Generally if they need some business, they may offer a rebate. You can only use one rebate with one system. You can’t combine rebates. Rebates do expire, so if you think that you are going to get a rebate, make sure you submit it in a reasonable time frame.

How soon do you get your rebate?  Well, they usually take forever. I know at Black Friday, I’m luck if I submit a rebate to get it back by Februrary of the next year. That’s pretty typical. You see, that means that ADT gets to have your money longer. You are essentially giving them an interest free loan with your money and then at some point, they give you the money back.

I was suprised to see though that they would expidite your rebate if you let them take a small portion of the money. I’m not sure how much this is, but they call this a No-Wait rebate service. I would opt for that option since you could get your money back faster.