ADT Commercial Cost Per Month

ADT Commercial cost per month is not much higher than a regular ADT system per month. Looking to install an ADT commercial security system and wondering how much it cost? ADT’s commercial small business costs are not much more than what home consumers pay. Coming in at $39.00 dollars per month, that is not very much high than a regular consumer might pay. There are some upfront fees associated with equipment installation. ┬áThat’s the one caveat that you won’t see on the home side.

For a wired system, the minimum installed fee for the equipment is $199. If you go the wireless security system route, then ADT costs $299 for the wireless equipment. You also need to consider other basics which will add to the cost such as how many sensors you will have and what type of sensors you might have.

If you are securing a large building, you may consider having onsite security personnel as well as an alarm system. Most people don’t consider having security personnel but they can be invaluable to keep your business safe and they are not as expensive as you might think.

If you would like some more details on the ADT Small Business Security system, then here are their terms and conditions which layout all of what their system offers:

ADT Small Business Terms and Conditions

Key to any alarm system is how good the company is. ADT is a reputable company and I have used them for years. You will need to sign a contract though to have their services. Contracts are okay if you think you are going to remain in your current location for 3 years or more. If you are planning on moving prior to then, then you should consider asking about the move featured with ADT.