ADT Cellular Backup System Review

The ADT Cellular backup alarm system is great if your phone line is cut by a burglar.  Given that most security systems are tied to land based phone lines, they can be easily bypassed by a burglar if the burglar cuts your phone line.  Then your alarm will go off, but nobody will know it is going off.  Security companies have gotten around that by using cell phone technology. Enter the ADT Cellular Backup system into the market. Essentially this system places a cell phone type device in your home. If the alarm goes off, then the cell phone is used to notify the security company of a break in. Go ahead and cut that phone line then burglar!

ADT Cellular Backup Costs

You pay for this added benefit of the ADT Cellular Backup system in the form of a higher monthly payment. No surprise there. ADT’s charge is $46.99 / month for the their Family package that includes this option. That’s really only about $10 dollars higher than their regular monitoring fees. The larger cost though is in the installation. At $549.00, this is not one of the cheaper systems to install.  However, that being said, what are you trying to protect?  That is the basic question that you need to answer.

ADT Cellular Backup Performance

A friend of mine had one of these systems installed at his house. I was curious how fast the system dialed out. Was cellular any faster than the land based lines. It turns out, it was really fast. And I liked the idea that he could protect the base unit fairly well. He put his keypad by his door and then the other system in a closet in another part of his house. It would take the burglar a while to find the device. Now some buglars have talked about breaking the control panel and shorting out the calling device, but I think that is a bit overblown.

The Safewatch Pro 3000 system is the base system that ADT uses for most of its installs right now. There is nothing essentially different about this package than one of the others except for the fact that you have the really high installation fee.

Other options to ADT Cellular Backup

One option I would consider is to go with one of the cheaper packages and then add on the cellular at a later date. There is one ADT package that you can get a $250 rebate on. Get that package, get the rebate and then add on the celluar. You should still be further ahead than just getting the cellular option outright.

My friend has not reported any problems with his system.  This package also comes with a flood, temperature, or carbon monoxide detector sensor as well. Those can be very handy too depending on what your concern is. I would go with the carbon monoxide detector since water and cold weather don’t have such an effect as carbon monoxide.

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