ADT Alarm Reviews

Here is my story of ADT and my experience of them for the last 10 years while I have used them at my house. ADT is one of the nation’s largest home security companies. They have many customers. When I looked for someone to secure my property, they were on my list as an option.

I had looked around the area locally to see if I could find a better deal first. Interestingly, I could not. I read online that you want to go with a local company instead of a large company. I guess that’s ok if you want to pay more money but all the local companies were more expensive for the same product. That didn’t seem like a good deal.

So we had an ADT sales rep come out to the house. I thought he was fairly businesslike and friendly. He went through all the options that we could install on our home. I did feel like he wanted me to get more than what I wanted. When I talked to their company on the phone before they came out, I had a general idea of how much I wanted to spend. While talking to him that number went up.  I never like that, but he was describing more options I could get installed. The thing was though with my house that I didn’t want to have a lot of options. I just wanted the basic house protected. That’s not really all that hard to do. You get some motion detectors and they cover a good portion of the house. You secure all your doors and then that only leaves the windows for someone to come in. If someone comes in through a window, then they set off the motion detector.

Anyway, I signed the contract. It was a three year contract. I didn’t really like the idea of signing a three year contract but got one anyway because that was the only option that they had. They just want to know that you will be on the hook for $30 plus dollars per month for the next thirty six months. That is a consideration if you are thinking about moving. Wait until you think you know you are going to stay in your house for a while before committing to a three month contract.

One time we had a problem with a motion detector that started going off. Our dog (who was not a big dog) would go in front of the motion detector when we were out of the house. Then the alarm would go off and I would get a call from ADT that my alarm was going off. Then it was rush home and turn off the alarm.  This got old after a while so I called up ADT. They wanted $80 to come out and look at the problem. If it was my fault, I was going to have to pay for the equipment to replace it.  That seems like a pretty poor maintenance plan if you ask me.

Their product though seems to perform well overall. Other than the dog issue, I haven’t had any problems with ADT. I’ll wait to see how they act when we move someday and cancel their service. However, that is for another time.