AAS-VG799 Cellular GSM Home Security Alarm System review

Are you looking for a cellular enabled alarm system, then you might be interested in the AAS-VG799 Cellular GSM Home Security Alarm System by AAS.

This system sells for $495 retail, so you get quite a bit with it. This system uses a SIM card and works without a phone line. This system works with no landline by using a SIM card. You can get sim cards prepaid or monthly from your cellular provider. If you can’t be around or have a phone line, then this system would work well for you. This is also a system that you can install yourself. Since it is wireless, you don’t have to drill a bunch of holes in your house.

Now, you may be wondering if there is a way to get around signing up for a cell phone contract. Well, just get the prepaid sim cards or add minutes as needed for the system as a “Gift card”. No need to go out and subscribe another phone line.

That made this worth the purchase I thought. All in all, I would purchase this system because the alternatives to the AAS-VG799 Cellular GSM system aren’t very available.