AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit Review

If you are looking for a security system with lots of options, then consider the AAS 600 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit.  This system is a follow up to the AAS 300 system which was very similar and which you can still find for sale. The AAS 600 up to 32 security zones that you can set. It includes a phone line cut warning to alert you if someone is trying to circumnavigate your security system. It can call up to 6 phone numbers automatically when alarm is triggered.  You can also have this monitored by a security agency as well.

The real question of the hour is though, how well does it work?  I evaluate security systems so I had this one delivered to me for evaluation.  There are two horns that come with this system. That was a bit unusual I thought but I liked it. You can have one outside and one inside. Now, the truth be told, will someone pay attention to the horn outside if it goes off? Some theives are pretty cool under fire and they won’t let a horn bother them. However, they don’t know if you have the system monitored or not. And if the horn is blowing outside, then it will attract the attention of the neighbors as well. That is a useful deterrent and one that I think is worth it.

Since this is a wireless alarm system, it can be a bit daunting to figure out which sensor goes with which part of the system when your setting it up. This is what a pencil and a paper are for. Make a map of where you put all of the sensors. I have my house mapped out on a clear map that I can draw on and erase. That’s a bit overkill you might say, but it lets me plan different scenarios.  What if someone breaks into the back of the house, the front door, etc. Thinking through some of these different things can help greatly when you plan your security system. Sure you can get the system to go off, but that’s not enough. You want to have advance warning so that you can defend yourself.

The instructions walk you through how to setup monitoring with external companies. There are some cheap options out there. I list some of those options on my site here. They can be cheap for as little as $10 / month.  All in all, this is an alarm system that I would purchase again.