AAS 500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit Review

This is a review on the AAS 500 Wireless Home Security Alarm System Kit.  Are you looking for a multizone alarm system that won’t be overly expensive? Then this might be the right package for you. The AAS 500 Wireless Home Security Alarm system has many features that you don’t get on installed alarm systems from some of the larger companies.  When you go with a company like ADT, Brinks, or others, they won’t give you this many features for your alarm system.

Let’s go over what a few of them are. The main thing that came to my mind when evaluating this system was, “They sure have a lot of sensors here”. When you purchase a system from ADT, they give you 2 alarm and door sensors and 1 motion detector sensor. This system comes with over a dozen sensors. That gives you more areas that you can monitor. I supposse it also gives you more areas that can go wrong as well.

This is one of the complaints against wireless systems. Your batteries can go bad in them. However, there are many positives as well, such as the big fact that you don’t have to drill alot of holes in your house to get this system up and running. I found some differences in some of the security systems that I was used to in the past. The main one being that this didn’t have a feature to beep when a door or window was opened. There may have been a way around this but I didn’t feel like looking for the solution at the time. You can program many of these systems. That’s one area where you have to balance how much work you want to put into a system. If you don’t want to do any work at all, then don’t purchase one of these systems. Have ADT or someone else come to your home and install a system.

One of the cool features I found with this system was that I could shut it off via the phone. Now you might ask why you would want to do that. Let’s say if you have someone who is going to do some work on some area of your house, you may want to shut off the alarm so that it doesn’t go off. I don’t know how many times I had to head home from work to shut off my system when we had an electrician doing some work. There’s no need to do that with this system and the remote shutoff.

I found with so many sensors that it was good to make a map of my house and number the sensors. That saves some time when you do the initial programming. I found the wireless options to work well and there were not any problems with interference with the wireless sensors.