Home Security by Obscurity

One time I saw where Dennis Rodman was living in a modest house instead of a mansion. Being low key instead of public. That’s how home security is sometimes. If you want to avoid a breakin, then avoid looking like a typical target. Do you stand out like a tourist in your neighborhood? Do you leave gift boxes out by your trash cans. Do you leave your empty 40″ TV box out by the trash. Do you talk to your neighbors about all the recent purchases you have made? Do you talk about where and when your next vacation should be?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, then you are probably giving up too much information about your life. Could I go to your Facebook page and tell if you were out of town. Your house left unguarded? Likely I could and so could others as well. We want to develop the concept of a low key lifestyle and project that. Don’t tell people about how much money you have and what you are investing in. Don’t tell people that you just bought a new tv.

Live a simple and non-flashy lifestyle. That goes a long way towards keeping you secure.