1.2 Ghz Wireless Surveillance System Reviews

Are you interested in purchasing the 1.2 Ghz Wireless Surveillance System by JMC. There are some things to consider before you buy it. I purchased two of these last month and went through some tests with them. Overall, they performed pretty well for a small camera but I did have some issues with them. The biggest issue I ran into was that they consumed a lot of batteries.  That is to be expected a bit though because they are wireless and they are transmitted a lot of data over the wireless spectrum.

Anytime you transmit data you are consuming more power that just simply receiving data. If you ever want to test this out, get one of those walkie talkie sets and notice you power dip when press the transmit button. When you are considering this product, the 1.2 Ghz Wireless Surveillance System by JMC, then you need to think about your security application. A small camera like this can work ok for a little bit of time but if you want something more robust, then you will need to have a dedicated power source other than a battery.

The quality of the picture transmitted though was suprisingly good. I didn’t know that a camera this small could transmit this well but it did a decent job. It doesn’t do well if it is really dark though. So if you are placing this camera, you need to consider what light sources you have nearby. If you put a light source shining directly at it, then you might “blind” the camera, meaning that the light might wash out the camera’s vision and all you will be left with is a very bright light on your screen.

I didn’t feel like the microphone worked that well, but I think the main application of this is just for the video. That is probably the most useful thing. Do you need to know what the theives are saying as they try to break into your car or are you just concerned that they are breaking into your car? You get the idea. Some of the instructions could have been better written but hey for $48 dollars, does that really matter. I would purchase this again.