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How to build a safe room or panic room can seem like a confusing task but it doesn’t have to be. Building a safe room or a panic room as some like to call it can be broken down into small doable steps if done right. Let’s discuss the basic steps then. Determine safe room size … Continue reading How to Build a Safe Room

Reset the ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 installer code, then follow these easy steps below. I found out about the steps through some Google sleuthing but when I first read the steps, they were not very intuitive. The most common ADT control panel these days is the Safewatch Pro 3000.  If you want to, you can … Continue reading Reset ADT Safewatch Pro 3000 Installer Code

Exterior doors as interior security doors Exterior doors for interior security doors can make a great addition to securing your home. When I was a kid, they made regular wooden doors inside homes. These were strong but the door frame was not very strong. They could still be easily kicked in. This is because the … Continue reading Exterior doors for interior security doors

Are you considering buying an alarm system. Consider the pros and cons first before you do. There are lots of options out there. Let’s first consider some of the pros of getting an alarm system. It is a good protection for your home and your family.  An alarm system is not a guarantee that you … Continue reading Alarm System Pros and Cons

The ADT wireless security alarm cost per month is not bad when you weigh all the benefits you get. Are you looking for a new security system but don’t want to put a bunch of wires in your house? Then you might be ready for a wireless security system from ADT. When I moved recently, … Continue reading ADT Wireless Security Alarm Cost

ADT Commercial cost per month is not much higher than a regular ADT system per month. Looking to install an ADT commercial security system and wondering how much it cost? ADT’s commercial small business costs are not much more than what home consumers pay. Coming in at $39.00 dollars per month, that is not very … Continue reading ADT Commercial Cost Per Month

Is an alarm system worth it? You may be wondering that question as you ponder signing up with an alarm system company. After all, there are the installation fees, the early termination fees, and the contract fees. What would a contract add up to over time and is the service valuable. You must first ask … Continue reading Is an alarm system worth it?

Common problems with FrontPoint security revolve around the sensors used in the system. Users most often complained about their motion sensors going off when they should not have and about their door and window sensors going off when they should have not gone off.  If you are having one of these issues, then first consider … Continue reading FrontPoint Security Common Problems

The Alarm Monitoring Company of Great Britain charges £12.99 per month plus the VAT for 24/7 monitoring.  This is really a fairly good deal compared to charges elsewhere. AMCO’s cost per month. The AMCO system works a bit like the Life Alert system does. There is a two-way speaker which you can use to communicate … Continue reading AMCO Cost Per Month

FrontPoint security offers three different plans per month which cost $34.99, $42.99, and $49.99 respectively. Let’s take a look at each of these plans to see which would be the best fit for you. An important item to note is that all of FrontPoints systems are cellular based. That is great since that means that … Continue reading FrontPoint Security Cost Per Month