Milwaukee burglar on loose after robbing Pat Redden

A Milwaukee burglar is on the loose after robbing Pat Redden from Milwaukee. Pat was awake in his house at around 1:30 AM working on his computer. He did not even hear the burglar who broke into his garage. He was robbed of about $3,000 worth of tools from his garage.

Stopping the Milwaukee burglar

There are a few ways to prevent a burglary like this. One of the simple ones is using a simple driveway alarm. It doesn’t have to be installed in your driveway but you can put it inside or right outside of your garage or shed. That way you can get some alert that someone is outside.

If you see the Milwaukee burglar

Hopefully they will catch this guy before he robs again. If you see the Milwaukee burglar, don’t be a hero. Pat did the right thing. It may have been good that he did not know the man was out there. Burglars sometime have guns and Pat could have lost more than the things in his garage. You always want to play it safe with burglars. Find somewhere safe in your house and call the police. Don’t be a victim!