Mighty Mule FM131 Wireless Driveway Alarm Review

An alarm system called the Mighty Mule FM131 Wireless Driveway Alarm. That’s an unusual name to start. The Mighty Mule FM131 Wireless Driveway Alarm can be purchased from Amazon for $73.99 which is not a bad price for a driveway alarm.  However, the important question is, “How well does it work?”

I ordered this from Amazon and got it 4 days later. Amazon doesn’t have it in stock directly, so it is sold by a third party seller. I have Amazon Prime so I usually prefer to buy directly from Amazon but in this case I could not get it shipped from them.

Setting up the driveway alarm is rather simple. Just put the batteries in, position the sensor where you want it to be and put the receiver where you want it to sit and then test it out. At first, it didn’t seem to be working right. When I walked by the sensor, it was not going off, and I wondered is this thing working?  Then I read the description and it noted that this was mainly for detecting vehicles coming up the driveway and not small children or animals. My wife is a bit small so that explained that part. I got in my car and then had my wife listen by the receiver as I drove the car by and she gave me the thumbs up that it had worked.

I really appreciated that aspect of it. Some of the simplier driveway alarms will detect all motion going off by them. Some of them are just motion sensors with a transmitter on them to transmit an alert of any motion to the receiver. These will pick up the motion of animals and people walking by. They have their place too because sometimes you would want to know if a person is walking by.  Some of those motion detectors can also be used to protect the perimeter of your property as well. However, the tricky part is know which sensor is going off when one does go off.

However, then one day the alarm went off and I went to check on it and there was nothing there. That was odd I thought. Oh well, just a fluke. Then it happened again that day and then the next, etc. After about a week of this I was annoyed. Not so much from the sound but because now I didn’t know when someone was there or not. Too many false alarms.

So I sent this puppy packing and got my money back.  A better driveway alarm is the Dakota Wireless driveway alarm.