ADT Commercial Cost Per Month

ADT Commercial cost per month is not much higher than a regular ADT system per month. Looking to install an ADT commercial security system and wondering how much it cost? ADT’s commercial small business costs are not much more than what home consumers pay. Coming in at $39.00 dollars per month, that is not very much high than a regular consumer might pay. There are some upfront fees associated with equipment installation.  That’s the one caveat that you won’t see on the home side.

For a wired system, the minimum installed fee for the equipment is $199. If you go the wireless security system route, then ADT costs $299 for the wireless equipment. You also need to consider other basics which will add to the cost such as how many sensors you will have and what type of sensors you might have.

If you are securing a large building, you may consider having onsite security personnel as well as an alarm system. Most people don’t consider having security personnel but they can be invaluable to keep your business safe and they are not as expensive as you might think.

If you would like some more details on the ADT Small Business Security system, then here are their terms and conditions which layout all of what their system offers:

ADT Small Business Terms and Conditions

Key to any alarm system is how good the company is. ADT is a reputable company and I have used them for years. You will need to sign a contract though to have their services. Contracts are okay if you think you are going to remain in your current location for 3 years or more. If you are planning on moving prior to then, then you should consider asking about the move featured with ADT.


Is an alarm system worth it?

Is an alarm system worth it? You may be wondering that question as you ponder signing up with an alarm system company. After all, there are the installation fees, the early termination fees, and the contract fees. What would a contract add up to over time and is the service valuable. You must first ask this important question. What is it your are trying to protect.  If you are like most people, you will have a few valuables such as a television, a computer, stereo, and other electronics. If you add up all of those things, they are probably pretty expensive.

However, for some people who are just renting an apartment, you do have to ask yourself if all of your valuables are worth more than what you are paying in an annual fee to your alarm system company. If you take the price of a contract from a company such as ADT, it’s about $35 per month. Over a three year contract, you are going to pay over $1,000 dollars. How much is the deductible on your insurance policy? Most people only have a $1,000 deductible or less. How many times have you been robbed? I’ve only ever been broken into once and the thieves didn’t take anything. Why you ask? Because my alarm system was going off and the cops were right there within less than a few minutes.  I could have forgone the alarm system and just used my insurance policy to pay for losses, but that seems to be taking a back seat to crime. Others of you may think that just taking the loss is okay. If you don’t have a lot of stuff, then it might not be worth it.

However, let me add one more factor and that is your family. Is your family worth an alarm system? Is their safety worth the extra $35 dollars you would pay every month. Most people would say yes and I do too. A security system is not an absolute protection but it is a good preventive measure. I definitely say that it is worth it.

Who would you pick then for your alarm system company? There are plenty to choose from. Talk with your friends or your neighbors to see who they use. You can try to get a system that you monitor yourself as well if you are comfortable with that. Self-monitored alarm systems though may not give you a lot of peace of mind because you are responsible for dispatching the police. What if the burglars are at your house and you are at your house? That is not a good combination. You may not be able to get to the phone to notify the police. In that event, it would be better to have the system monitored by someone else.

If you are away from your home and an alarm goes off, and you are the one monitoring it, then you have to get that notification. Do you always have your phone with you? Are you sometimes away on vacation and away from your phone? How would you be able to dispatch the police fast enough. It doesn’t take someone long to rob your house. There used to be a show on TV where an ex-criminal would go to houses and test them to see how fast he could rob them in. It was shocking how little time it took. In 10 minutes he could be in and out with lots of valuables. Consider that it takes you a few minutes to notify police and then it takes police a few minutes to get there. You may never get it done in time. That’s why I see some value in having your home security system monitored by someone else.

20 Percent Off Any ADT Security System

If you checkout through ADT and apply this coupon code below, then you will receive 20%  off of Equipment and installation of any ADT security system. If you were currently in the market for a security system, I would recommend that you go with the all wireless system that uses wireless sensors and a cell phone type system to contact the monitoring center. Those are safer systems and with this coupon, you can save some of the cost that it would typically run.


That was the code above. If it does not work, I have found that you can also negotiate with ADT to get a lower rate as well. The monthly fee is where they make the money at and it is possible to get that lowered.

FrontPoint Security Common Problems

Common problems with FrontPoint security revolve around the sensors used in the system. Users most often complained about their motion sensors going off when they should not have and about their door and window sensors going off when they should have not gone off.  If you are having one of these issues, then first consider some of these possible fixes.

Consumers said that the window and door sensors went off when they should have not gone off. Sometimes this is caused because the sensor is not attached properly. FrontPoint’s door and window sensors are put on with adhesive.  It is not that the adhesive they use is poor, it is often that the surface area that the adhesive is sticking to has not been cleaned properly. Clean the surfaces of your doors and windows prior to the installation. Examine your window and door sensors to see if they are secured tightly. Adhesive can be very strong. Did you know that car companies are now using adhesives for a majority of their parts. Just because the alarm company is using adhesive, doesn’t mean that their system has problems. The best way to clean the surface of your windows or doors is with some Windex or some isopropyl alcohol. Just make sure that they are dry before the sensors are applied.

Next, if your motion sensor is going off when you don’t want it to, please check that there are no pets setting it off. Also, check to make sure that there are no plants in front of it that might move around from the air conditioning. This happened to me frequently with some of my outdoor lights. The motion sensor would kick on in a time of a windstorm because the trees nearby were moving.  Also, do you have any pets that may be setting off the motion sensors. If you do have pets, then arm your system for stay instead of away and see if that takes care of the problem.

AMCO Cost Per Month

The Alarm Monitoring Company of Great Britain charges £12.99 per month plus the VAT for 24/7 monitoring.  This is really a fairly good deal compared to charges elsewhere. AMCO’s cost per month. The AMCO system works a bit like the Life Alert system does. There is a two-way speaker which you can use to communicate with those trying to help you. This can be started by pushing a panic button to alert the alarm monitoring company.

The panic button then brings on the alarm monitoring company so that you can tell them what type of help you need. This is a trend in alarm monitoring systems. The only drawbacks I can see to these systems is that first, you might not be there at the house and then secondly, you might be there at the house but might not be able to communicate with the other person.

AMCO has a 1 year contract which many see as a plus as well. Other companies like ADT and many others lock you into a 3 year contract to help pay for the fees. Now on the fees side, AMCO’s initial install fees will be higher because their contract length of time is shorter.

If you would like some details on AMCO’s offerings, here are some details on their response:

You can locate their main website here:

If you would like to call them by phone, then here is their directory:

  • AMCO Scotland – 0141 35 60 999
  • AMCO North East – 0191 64 58 999
  • AMCO Yorkshire & Humberside – 01347 822111
  • AMCO North West – 0161 40 88 999
  • AMCO East Midlands – 0115 71 47 999
  • AMCO West Midlands – 0121 31 82 999
  • AMCO South West – 0117 23 05 999
  • AMCO South East – 020 32 900 999

FrontPoint Security Cost Per Month

FrontPoint security offers three different plans per month which cost $34.99, $42.99, and $49.99 respectively. Let’s take a look at each of these plans to see which would be the best fit for you. An important item to note is that all of FrontPoints systems are cellular based. That is great since that means that your phone lines cannot be tampered with.

First, let’s look at the $34.99 per month FrontPoint plan. This is called the Protection Plan. It has intrusion, fire, environmental, life safety, and 24/7 monitoring. This is very interesting to me because coming in at only $34.99 per month, that is a fairly good deal. ADT is normally about $35 per month and that does not include cellular. If you start cellular off the bat with ADT, that normally costs $45 dollars per month. So I would consider that a deal. I do list in a separate article, the ADT costs per month.

FrontPoint’s second plan coming in at $42.99 per month is called the interactive plan. The interactive plan is just that, interactive. You can control more of your house with it. You can turn your lights on and off or shut your power on or off. So this is giving you home automation as well. This is still a good deal I believe. You can see cameras from within your home as well when you are away.

FrontPoint’s third plan is $49.99 per month and is called their Ultimate monitoring system. This connects with the GPS system in your phone and will alert you if you leave your house without setting the alarm. You can also view video from your house on your phone.

It’s important to note that FrontPoint does have an up-front equipment cost. This can be very expensive. It’s around $400 to do streaming video. It’s $23 dollars per door sensor. $90 dollars for heat sensors or water sensors. $250 dollars for their control system. You can easily be spending $1,000 dollars.

The bottom line is if you know you are going to be living at your current residence for a while, this could be worth it for you but you have to be willing to pay the up-front costs for the system.

Austin City Trash Pickup Salford Disposal

Salford Disposal has been offering garbage disposal and trash pickup to the Austin, TX area since 1997. Salford Disposal is located at 10711 Joseph Clayton Drive, Austin TX, Salford Disposal offers service to the following cities:

Austin, Bastrop, Cedar Creek, Elgin, Coupland, Manor, Hwy 620 , Hudson Bend, Waco Area Locations. If you live in the Waco area, then they offer service to these areas in Waco:

  • Axtell
  • Bruceville-Eddy
  • Chalk Bluff
  • Gholson
  • Ross
  • Elmont
  • LeRoy

There are some additional Austin trash pickup companies you can use as well. Salford offers payment by PayPal as well which is convenient.

Protect America Cost Per Month

Protect America cost per month starts at $19.99 per month and goes up in price from there to a high of $42.99 per month. How much you pay per month depends on what type of add-ons you get. Some popular ones are the fire and smoke protection add-on. Let’s go through their packages and list out the costs of each one:

Protect America Cost per month – Copper Package

Cost per month – $19.99 per month

What’s included in the Protect America Copper Package:

  • 1 Simon XT Alarm System Panel
  • 3 Door / Window sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector

While some consumers might find this security package to not have a lot of sensors, it is aggressively priced though compared to the competition. Other companies do not have this many sensors in their systems.

Protect America Cost per month – Bronze Package

Cost per month – $35.99 per month

What’s included in the Protect America Bronze Package

  • 1 Simon XT Alarm System Panel
  • 6 Door / Window sensors
  • 1 Motion detector

I think this system is very nice for this price point. 6 Door / window sensors can actually cover a good amount of space. Plus, the motion detector adds a good deal of coverage if you place it in the proper location.

Protect America Cost per month – Silver Package

Cost per month – $37.99 per month

What’s include in the Protect America Silver Package

  • 1 Simon XT Alarm System Panel
  • 9 Door / Window sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector

Protect America Cost per month – Gold Package

Cost per month – $39.99 per month

What’s included in the Protect America Gold Package

  • 1 Simon XT Alarm System Panel
  • 11 Door / Window sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector

Protect America Cost per month – Platinum Package

Cost per month – $42.99 per month

What’s include in the Protect America Platinum Package:

  • 1 Simon XT Alarm System Panel
  • 14 Door / Window sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector


So given the other alarm system companies, how do these packages compare?  On the number of sensors, they are very good. It is difficult to get this many sensors with other systems without paying a much larger cost. ADT will charge approximately $75 to install an additional sensor.  While I am on this subject, I’ll discuss placement of your motion detector. One motion detector can help with securing your house if it is placed in the proper location.  You should analyze your floor plan and try to place the motion detector somewhere that would be likely for thieves to pass by. This would be in transition areas such as from one room to another. You could have it facing high value areas such as where some of your valuables are located at.

Given the other sensors you have, I would recommend placing them on doors first and then on windows second. Burglars usually will kick your door in if they are given the chance. It’s much easier to carry out valuables through a door than it is through a window. So place all of your sensors on your lower level doors and windows if possible. Most burglars if they get into a house and an alarm doesn’t go off, they will proceed through the house until they set off an alarm. Most motion sensors are designed to be instant response. This means that the alarm company will be instantly contacted once the motion detector goes off. This is because, under normal circumstances, homeowners will come through the door when coming back into their house.

Other Protect America costs to consider

Garage Door Sensors – These can alert you if your garage door is not closed. Many burglars will go through the garage to access the inside of the house. The garage also may often contain many valuable items such as power tools or other tools. A garage also hides burglars if it is open because you can only see so far into the garage.

Video Cameras – These are a great addition to a security system but they need a good alarm system panel to connect into. This optional add on can integrate in with your Simon XT control panel. The Protect America video cameras come with online storage and are also pet-friendly. This means that pets won’t set them off. Usually the cameras are motion activated. This type of system works by comparing the current camera image with a previous camera image. When the two images are different, motion has occurred. Pets of course will cause motion to occur but the system software can filter out pets.  That is valuable to have to prevent false alarms.

There are other alarm system options Protect America offers as well. You can view some of those options here –


Austin Trash Pickup

Looking for someone to pickup your trash in Austin, TX, then consider the following companies:

Republic Services of Austin –

Republic Services is a large company with many locations. They do service the Austin TX area. Republic Services is a very large waste management company. They merged with their competitor who was Allied Waste to become the second largest waste management company in the country behind Waste Management. One of the problems though with a large company though is that the service is not so good sometimes. There have been numerous complaints out there about Republic Services.

Here are some local companies as alternatives:

Round Rock Refuse

1103 Martin Ave
Round Rock, TX 78681
I do find it interesting that hardly any of the waste management companies will put how much they charge on their site.


9904 Farm to Market Road 812
Austin, TX 78719
(512) 282-3508
IESI gets some fairly negative reviews online. I would not be too keen to signup with them. A 3.2 out of 5 stars on Google.
A lot of the other companies that I see out there are larger companies or are only junk removal companies.


Security Company Comparison

The home security space is getting a bit more crowded as internet providers start to provide security systems as well. ATT and Comcast are some of the newer players in this arena providing security systems through their high speed internet services. I think the question should be of these, “Can these companies really provide me with good service, given that they do such a poor job of service in other areas.

Working with ATT can be a terrible experience. I have a hard time believing that they can just jump into the home security business and do a great job. ATT gets terrible ratings by its customers in many areas.

Here are some of the companies offering “free” installation:

Protect America – I see a lot of Protect America signs around where I live

FrontPoint – Ditto on Front Point, they are fairly popular as well. You may like them for their shorter contract length of only 12 months

Alarm Force – Three year contract with these guys

Monitronics Home Security – This is one of the more expensive options coming out to about $50 dollars per month. Over the long run, I don’t think this “free” installation is really free.

Lifeshield Security – Lifeshield was tailored more for the care of elderly individuals

Guardian Protection

I still think the best option though is ADT. With monthly costs of only $35 dollars and up, they are right in there with their costs with other companies. Generally, you have to sign a contract with ADT, but usually you will be living in your house for some time anyway, so that should not be a concern.

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