Broward County burglary caught on tape

This Broward County burglary caught on tape is a reminder of how crooks work. They can be very bold at times. You might think that you would be safest during the day but that’s when the burglars are out. It’s because most people are at work during the day. Check out this video below:

Broward County burglary video

Broward Country burglary lessons

You will notice that he tries the front door first and then goes for the back door. If there had been alarm systems involved, he likely would not have gone through with this robbery. Homes with alarm systems are three times less likely to get robbed.  He was only in the house for 2 minutes and made off with $10,000 dollars worth of jewelry.

Milwaukee burglar on loose after robbing Pat Redden

A Milwaukee burglar is on the loose after robbing Pat Redden from Milwaukee. Pat was awake in his house at around 1:30 AM working on his computer. He did not even hear the burglar who broke into his garage. He was robbed of about $3,000 worth of tools from his garage.

Stopping the Milwaukee burglar

There are a few ways to prevent a burglary like this. One of the simple ones is using a simple driveway alarm. It doesn’t have to be installed in your driveway but you can put it inside or right outside of your garage or shed. That way you can get some alert that someone is outside.

If you see the Milwaukee burglar

Hopefully they will catch this guy before he robs again. If you see the Milwaukee burglar, don’t be a hero. Pat did the right thing. It may have been good that he did not know the man was out there. Burglars sometime have guns and Pat could have lost more than the things in his garage. You always want to play it safe with burglars. Find somewhere safe in your house and call the police. Don’t be a victim!

Lebanon Maine Home Invasion Lookout

Police are warning residents of about a home invasion in Lebanon Main. Residents should be on the lookout for burglar wearing a white knit stocking mask with blue jeans and a blue jean jacket. He forced his way into a home of a woman who saw him outside her house.

Tips for Avoiding a home invasion

Residents are being advised in Lebanon to not open their door for someone they do not know. Remember, you don’t have to be the hero.  Residents are advised to report anything suspicious to York county police officials.

2012 Mesa Arizona Crime Statistics

These are crime projections for 2012 for Mesa Arizona.  I’ll say that most incidents of crime with respect to aggravated assault are usually domestic in nature.

2012 Mesa Arizona Crime Statistics

2012 Crime (Projections Only) # of Incidents
Aggravated Assault 1,018
Arson 43
Burglary 2,344
Forcible Rape 189
Larceny and Theft 10,771
Motor Vehicle Theft 1,306
Murder and Manslaughter 21
Robbery 675
Crime Rate (Total Incidents) 16,597
Property Crime 14,465
Violent Crime 1,903

Mesa Arizona Security Systems

Are you looking for Mesa Arizona security systems? If so, then here are some to choose from.

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Wireless Security System Buyers Guide

This wireless security system buyers guide will help guide you through buying a wireless security system. You may wonder where do you start? How much do you spend? If you are wondering that, then you have come to the right place. Follow these easy tips:

Wireless Security System Buyers Guide Checklist

1. First consider if you want to put a system in yourself or have someone else put one in. Security systems come in two flavors, managed and unmanaged. Managed systems are from places like ADT. They install the equipment and they manage and monitor it. Now you have to pay more for that but that added piece of mind knowing that someone else is watching the store may be what you need. You can go the other route of getting your own system, installing it and managing it yourself. If you do that, consider places like Monitronics to help monitor your system.

2. How elaborate do you want to get? Do you want a video system with viewing on your Iphone? Do you want a simple alarm that can tell you when someone is there?  How many doors and windows do you want to secure?  When you go with ADT or another large security company, you will only get a few door and window sensors. You can buy your own system and get more if that is important to you.

3. Consider how much you want to pay and if you want to have a contract. ADT will require you to sign a contract. If you get your own system, then there is no contract, but you will manage more of the stuff yourself.

Wireless Security System Buyers Guide Recommendation

My recommendation is to go with a hybrid system. Use ADT and install your own motion cameras and additional security measures. That way you can have a monitored alarm system and some video backup should something go wrong.

Alarm system thwarts home invasion

Alarm systems can stop home invasions when they are monitored well. In this video, burglars were trying to do a home invasion but were thwarted with a security system. There are two burglars here that didn’t know that they were on security cameras while they were robbing a lady’s house. Meanwhile, she was at work and saw the whole thing online.  She was able to call police and get them out.

If you have a good security system with cameras in the home, then you can know when someone is there when they should not be. This is worth the cost I believe to protect yourself and your family. I review several DVR security systems on my site here. Just search for DVR in the top search box.

Plea Deal Denied in Petit Home Invasion Case

A Connecticut judge rejected a plea deal from one of the men responsible for the deadly Petit home invasion.

Joshua Komisarjevsky was sentenced to death by a Connecticut jury after the deadly home invasion.

Worst Burglar Ever Liquor Store Burglary

This is perhaps one of the worst burglars I have ever seen on tape.  Watch as he tries to break into this liquor store and succeeds but has to be one of the worst burglars ever.

Worst Burglar Ever caught on tape

I love the part where he tries to break open the front door. He gives it the old 2 tries and he quits. And you have to love the part where he falls through the ceiling.

Baldwin Street Home Invasion

Schools on lockdown and houses barricaded. That was the scene today as police tried to find a suspect wanted in several home invasions in southeast Grand Rapids.  Congress elementary school was under lockdown during the time.

The only thing worse than being in this situation is to face a home invasion yourself. Sheriff Jon Hess said that the suspects may be in the area. There are a few ways to prevent a home invasion. You can be alerted to someone coming near your house with the help of a driveway alarm. I review some driveway alarms on my site here.

Other ways of protecting yourself from a home invasion

Some people also consider having a weapon. Would this have helped in the Baldwin home invasions is hard to say but one of the best things you can have is a dog for protection. They let you know when someone is around that should not be.

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