Mobile home park home invasion

This home invasion in a mobile home park just happened a few days ago. Two men broke into the home with guns drawn. In situations like this, there are few things that can help. A mobile home doesn’t have much of a large area surrounding it so you can’t have too much advance notice that someone is coming. You can strengthen your doors though. Someone can’t come in your home if your door is fairly sturdy.

Mobile home park home invasion

Sometimes an alarm system may have helped out in this case.

Home Invasion Caught on Camera

In this home invasion you can see where the burglar breaks the door in and then proceeds to go through the house. This is a good reason to have a good strong front door. Is your front door only wood or is it something more substantial? Home invasions that are caught on tape can be good instructive videos by how robbers enter your home. They are also good instructional videos on how aggressively people enter your home.

So watch this video and see what you think. Notice how aggressive the burglar is when he comes in the home. Would you be ready to deal with that?

Alarm Systems do work

Alarm systems do work, check out this video as this would be crook is deterred away from breaking into a house because of an alarm system. This was filmed in broad daylight as well. Also, notice there was a way the homeowner left for the burglar to get in if the alarm had not gone off.

Notice the beeping of the alarm at the end. Even if it were not a real alarm system, the crook would not have known the difference.  That’s why as a home owner, you have to find out what items deter the would be thieves and put those into effect.

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