GE 45117 Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm

The GE 45117 Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm is a door alarm that is operating in an alarm mode. It is easy to install and operates just as well. The GE 45117 Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm has a 4-digit keypad that is helpful in activating and deactivating the alarm.

This door alarm gives an option of the response that it can give and that is the home selection and the away selection that gives room for instant or delayed alarm for different security needs. This door alarm chimes every moment when the door opens thereby making the house owner aware of any intrusions or entries into the house. Once the house owner enters the personal security code, a magnetic sensor can detect any motion of the door and windows therefore if the door is opened the alarm will go off. With this door alarm, no wiring or installation is required and this makes it easy to install.

It is reliable because it scares away any intruder very quickly. For an added peace of mind while asleep you can be sure your safety is guaranteed. This GE 45117 Deluxe Wireless Door Alarm is suitable for all doors, either metal or wood doors. It is detachable, and easy to acquire. With a large keypad it is easier to work with it accurately and this makes it stand out as one of the best keypads. Once the code is set and the alarm goes on, you cannot unarm it by just closing the door, you will need to enter the secret code. One good thing about this factor is that even if a burglar got into the house, he is not going to put off the alarm, it will continue to chime till the code is entered and this will work to the advantage of the owner because the burglar will have been scared and will not be confident to stay with the chiming. This can prevent intrusions and gives you a secure feeling that your home is protected.

It is perfect to work with but one problem with it is that it should have had an indicator for instance a light indicator which is to show whether the alarm has been set. When anyone is opening the door including the owner of the house and they are unaware that the alarm has been set, that piercing and sharp noise is heard and so at times it can be uncomfortable to work with. This issue can make users of the particular security kit lack confidence in it because of the times when you are not sure if it is active. At the same time, it is not clear how one is going to turn it off because it can be really annoying when it is on and keeps on chiming in especially when there are many visitors who get in and out of the house. While installing the noise is so loud so you need to cover your ears.

Electronic deadbolt lock review of the Schlage electronic Link Lock

Have you ever had that nagging feeling that you left the house but didn’t lock the door?  Instead of turning around and driving all the way back home, wouldn’t it be nice if you could lock that door remotely instead of running back home. Thanks to some new products from lock companies out there, you can do just that. These are called smart electronic locks. They are locks that can lock either while you are standing there or you can lock them remotely through an internet connection.

Let’s go through a couple of the features of some of the electronic locks and then discuss some of the pros and cons.

First, let’s look at locks from Schlage. Schlage is one of the best known lock companies. When I worked for a large university, they used Schlage locks which were easy for them manage. At that time though, all of the locks had to be cored. To core a lock is to remove the inner part of the lock mechanism and to replace it with a new core. The core contains the tumblers that control which key can unlock the lock.

How does the Schlage electronic lock work then if it is electronics. The lock itself will have an internet connection and you manage the lock through remote access software. The software used to manage the lock is called Z-Wave software. Z-Wave software can also be used to control lights and even thermostats as well.

Some obvious questions though are, what happens if the power goes out. Will all the doors open? The makers of the lock thought of this, so it has a backup 9 volt battery as well.

What if you wanted to use a key instead of the electronic lock part. The system comes with a key override so that you can use a key instead.

What is included in the lock kit?

*    No key to hide, lose, carry, or forget
* Ready to use out of the box. Installs quickly, usually in less than 30 minutes
* Powered by a 9-volt battery. If the Internet goes down or the power goes out, the lock still provides you secure access to your home
* Use the keys provided with the lock as a standard door lock
* Ability to program up to 19 unique user codes
* Add, change, or delete user codes in seconds

Then what about accessing the system. Do you need a full internet connection?  Yes you do, but the system is compatible with most cell phone web browsers, so you can access it from your cell phone. If then you don’t think that you can back to your house then, you can access the lock through your cell phone.

ADT motion detector adjustment – How to adjust your motion detector

This article is on how to adjust your ADT motion detector. This article will also apply to adjusting other motion detectors as well. If you have a motion detector in your house you may have received a call from ADT at some point saying, “Sir, we have an alarm event in your house.”  Annoyed most of the time I know it was my dog that set it off.  How is it that even though they sell the motion detector as being pet friendly that it is not?  Then you go to all the trouble to call ADT and you ask them if they can come out and service your motion detector, they will say something like “Well sir, that’s a house call and those are $85 per hour minimum charge”. Do I just have money to give to ADT?

Well, given all of these things I decided to learn how to adjust the motion detector myself so that my pet would not set it off. This is done through following these steps below. You don’t have to follow them exactly, just the general steps.

Manual motion sensor adjustments and tips

1. Get a step ladder or a chair so that you can get up to eye level with your motion detector to get a closer look at it. You are looking for a small adjustment screw on the motion detector that adjusts its sensitivity.

2.  You can turn the screw one of two ways. Most of them will usually have a plus and a minus sign indicating which way to make the motion sensor more sensitive or less sensitive.

3. Tell ADT you will be testing your alarm. Since ADT will get calls if your alarm goes off, you want to avoid that confusion.

4. Adjust the motion sensor towards the minus sign to be less sensitive and then set your alarm. Now, try walking through the area to see if the alarm goes off. You always want it to go off if a person is trying to go through your house when they should not be. If this works ok, then try to get your pet to go into the path of the motion detector beam.

5. Another important note is take notice of how you have your motion detector pointed. Where will it’s path of motion generally be?  Some motion detectors you can point down toward the ground a bit more.  If they are pointed towards the ground, then they will pick up your pet’s motion. If the pet sets off the motion detector, then readjust and try it again until you get it right.

6. Another option is to take a small piece of masking tape and put it over the lower part of the motion detector unit. This is to cut off part of the beam.  Imagine that the beam is coming out of the system in a large swath from floor to ceiling. What the pet immue motion detectors do is cut off the lower part of the beam so that it is just tracking movement up high. This will work as long as your pets don’t still jump up and get in front of the beam.  Cats are known to do this.

Testing your ADT motion sensor without setting the alarm

I’ll make one final note here. If you don’t want to have your alarm go off all the time when you are trying to test your motion sensor, then just check if your ADT motion sensor has a small red light on the front of it. If it does, you will notice that light turns on when it detects motion. Once the light comes on you know that your alarm system would have detected motion and notified the alarm control panel. So, make your adjustments to the motion sensor and then have your pet go in front of it. That brings me to my next point.

Testing your ADT motion sensor with pets

If you want to test your motion sensor with pets, then I recommend not setting the alarm. Just check to see if the light is going off when the animal goes in front of the sensor. This is good to do with 2 people. Have one person stand on the one side of the room with some treats and then you stand where you can see the light on the motion sensor. Have the treat out for the dog and then see if the dog sets off the motion detector by watching the light on the motion sensor.

Placement of motion sensors

Ideally a motion sensor should be somewhere where burglars are likely to trip the motion sensor. This should be near a stairwell if you have a two story house. That way, you will get them coming down the stairs or on their way up the stairs. If you have a 1 story house, then consider putting the motion sensor in a transition area. Somewhere where there is a hallway leading to some bedrooms or something like that. When the motion sensor is tripped and you have the alarm in away mode, the alarm is going off instantly. When you have the alarm in stay mode, then the motion detector is not set. There are some options on the ADT panels to have your motion sensor active when you are at home. We had a situation like this before when we lived in a large house that was essentially three stories. The owners would set the motion alarm at night on the bottom floor. This made them feel safer but sometimes led to more false alarms. You have to pick what you feel comfortable with.

DWA-8 Driveway Observer Review

This is a review of the DWA-8 Driveway Observer alarm system.  Purchasing a quality driveway alarm can be an important part of your home security. Your home alarm system can provide protection if someone breaks into your house, but often it is nice to know that someone is approaching your house before a break in or alteration happens.  To alert you that someone is nearby, you can use a driveway alarm. Driveway alarms though like many other products come in at many different prices. Some are priced rather low in the $20 dollar range and then some are priced much higher.

This review is on the DAW-8 Driveway Observer alarm. You can purchase this alarm for approximately $145 dollars online.  The system comes with a sensor that will go beside your driveway and then a receiver that will go inside your house. The unit is wireless so you don’t have to mess with running any wires. However, you will need to check on your batteries ocassionaly.  Not often, since the unit is only transmitting data when it senses motion.  The unit’s sensor is a motion detector. This is important to note. Let’s compare this with a different type of sensor, the one commonly found associated with a garage door that will prevent it from closing when a car is parked partially in the garage.  A garage type of sensor works by transmitting an infared beam across to another sensor. This would be an ideal driveway sensor because it would only detect something breaking that beam. A motion detector on the other hand will detect motion and that could be around the general area of your driveway, but it may not necessarily be a car coming down your driveway. It could be a cat, dog, etc.  That’s why this unit can be set off by someone walking down your driveway, a cat, or dog, etc. I have motion detectors at my house that are ocassionaly set off by trees blowing in the wind.  If you are looking for something to mainly let you know when a car is coming down the driveway, then consider a product like the Dakota Driveway Wireless Probe. It only senses metal objects such as cars and won’t go off if a person or animal passes by it.

The range on the DAW-8 Driveway Observer alarm is far at approximately 1000 ft.  The manufacturer makes this note:

The outdoor weather proof transmitter that can be mounted either overhead or to the side . It is powered by a nine volt battery , installed for your convenience and lasting about one year. There are six dipswitches on the inside of the rear cover the will assign ID Codes by using the first four and the last two will notify you by one of four zones that have been activated by an audible tone. There is also an antennae that can rotate 360 ° for optimal transmission to the volume controlled receiver up to a realistic 1000 feet away ( the Driveway Observer ™  has been  tested at 1800 feet in laboratory conditions ; we feel that 1000 feet is a closer approximation to what will be realistically achieved). The beam projection will either 20 feet and 1 foot square or 50 feet and 2 feet square.

So here are some points that make this product very attractive. You can setup multiple units of these around key points on your property to cover your perimeter. Sounds scary huh, but you may seriously want to know of someone is coming up from one side of your house or not.  Setup multiple units and then change the unit’s dipswitches so that you know which unit is alerting you to someone.

I found the unit to work very well. The battery will last a long time since it is only transmitting information when the alarm is tripped. It will use some battery power for the sensor, but just low battery power. It is powered by a 9 volt battery.  It did go off when animals would pass by but I did help the unit some by raising it up higher. Dogs are rather short and if you raise this up to about 5 feet high you will get both cars and people that will walk through the beam.

I recommend as well disguising where you place this sensor so that it is not easily seen by people coming down your driveway. You need to maintain as much as possible the uppper hand and the element of surprise. All in all, I would recommend this product and I feel it is priced at a good price point for what you get and how usable it is.

How many customers does ADT have

How many customers does ADT have? ADT is one of the largest home alarm system companies in the world. It has more than 5 million residential customers and over 2 million commercial customers throughout the world. ADT is a division Tyco International and has locations throughout the world. ADT is also purchasing Broadview security company as well.

Do you want to be a customer for ADT though?  I’ll give you my first hand experience with them. I have been with ADT for over 10 years now and have been fairly satisfied. Do you have other options, of course you do. You can do self monitoring systems. You can go with cheaper monitoring companies like Monitronics which will only run you around $10 / month vs. the $30 per month you would pay for ADT.   At the end of the day, you have to decide how much you want to spend.

Security camera text message

Security camera text message sending isn’t that difficult if you have the right camera. Wouldn’t it be great if you had eyes in the back of your head?  You can have that with a security camera if you have it watching your property. You can’t be at your house or your business all of the time, but you can have a camera there 24/7.

Security Camera Text Message Basics

Security cameras today can send you an SMS text message when they detect motion. This works through software that monitors the image coming from the security camera.  The security camera sometimes has this software built into it so that you don’t need special software. These all in one security systems are basically autonomous. They can act on their own and email you or send an SMS text message to you when they detect motion.  They do this by analyzing the change in the image from its past state to its current state. If the pixels have changed significantly enough, then it detects the change in the pixels and registers that as a change in motion.

Next, the camera sends the SMS text message through the internet. It does this through whatever internet connection the camera has at the time. An important and yet obvious note here that unless you have a good internet connection, you won’t get the text message.  That’s why it’s important not to rely on only one security method when securing your property. Someone can cut your cable or dsl line and thus render your system inoperable.

Let’s now get down to the nitty gritty. What address do you send the email to from your security camera.  Sometimes this is difficult to find out. It’s not the same for every cell phone carrier. Here is how you can send emails to cell phones on all the major carriers:

Security Camera Text Message Carrier Specific Settings

[10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

For multimedia messages, use [10-digit-number]

Boost Mobile
[10-digit phone number]

Cricket Wireless
[10-digit phone number]

For multimedia messages: [10-digit phone number]

Nextel (now part of Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit telephone number]

Sprint (now Sprint Nextel)
[10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

[10-digit phone number]

Virgin Mobile USA
[10-digit phone number]

Other U.S. and Canadian carriers:

Centennial Wireless: [10-digit-phone-number]

Cellular South: [10-digit-phone-number]

Cincinnati Bell: [10-digit-phone-number]

Qwest: [10-digit-phone-number]

Bell Canada: [10-digit-phone-number]

Telus: [10-digit-phone-number]

Rogers: [10-digit-phone-number]

ADT cost per month

How much does ADT cost per month.  There are a couple of ways to find that out, but you should check out your options before you pay per month. How much your bill will depend on what you choose when you signup. You will have an initial installation fee. This varies based on what you are getting. Are you getting a wireless system, wired, how many doors are you monitoring, are you getting glass break? Answers to all of those questions will determine your bill. The key here though is this

Do you need it?

so what will determine how much adt costs for you is what you need from adt

That’s right consumer, do you need it? You will notice below if you look on the ADT sites that I left out some of their marketing information. They will tell you that with all of their systems you get a “sounder”, another word for a horn in your house if the alarm goes off. Well, I would hope you get one. It’s ridiculous to mention that. It’s almost like buying a new car and they tell you that they include tires. Well, thanks glad I got tires. So all the alarm systems below come with a siren and you get those little blue ADT stickers and yard signs.

I want you to notice one important thing in comparing these systems. What extra protection are you getting from a burglary from jumping up from the $99 dollar system to the $600 dollar system. Not much, I’ll say that. The only thing that could possibly protect you more is the cellular backup. However, there is a cheap way around that option as well.That’s called your cell phone company. For a small fee, they will give you an adapter and an extra phone line on your account and you can avoid a $600 dollar, that’s right you heard me, a $600 install fee. Now, let’s look at some of these packages and the ADT cost per month for each of them.

ADT cost per month – ADT Essentials Security Package

Install Cost – $99 / Monthly Cost 33.99

ADT Essentials Security Package includes the following:

  • 2 Door / Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • Security Alarm Panel

ADT cost per month – ADT Safewatch Quick Connect  / Wireless

Install Cost – $249 / Monthly Cost 42.99

ADT Safewatch Quick Connect / Wireless includes the following:

  • 2 Wireless Door / Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • Security Alarm Panel
  • 1 Keychain remote – the keychain remote is definitely something to get. It enhances your security because you don’t have to make it to the alarm panel to sound an alarm.

ADT cost per month – ADT Safewatch Pro RF

Install Cost – $499 / Monthly Cost 35.99

ADT Safewatch Pro RF includes the following:

  • 1 Wireless Control Panel
  • 1 Standard Control Panel
  • 2 Wireless Door / Window Sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • 1 Key Remote

ADT cost per month – ADT Critical Conditions

Install Cost – 499 / Monthly Cost 38.99

ADT Critical Conditions includes the following:

  • 1 Hardwired Control Panel
  • 1 Standard Touchpad
  • 1 Smoke Detector
  • 1 Flood, Temperature or Carbon Monoxide Detector
  • 2 Door or Window Sensors

ADT cost per month – ADT Family Package

Install Cost – 609 / Monthly Cost 49.99

ADT Family Package includes the following:

  • 1 Control Panel
  • 2 Touchpads
  • 2 Door / Window sensors
  • 1 Motion Detector
  • Cellular Backup – Cellular backup is one of the best options you can get for your security system. This will help you if someone tries to cut your phone line. There is no phone line to cut in this system which makes it more secure.

Check with local security installers in your area for the most accurate costs. They likely won’t deviate much from these costs. You can also consider installing your own security system and having it monitored by another company than ADT. There are security companies out there that will monitor your alarm system for a monthly fee of only around $10 to $12 dollars / month.

At the end of the day, you have to ask yourself if what you are trying to protect is worth the monthly cost of what you would pay ADT. The ADT cost per month likely will not change much. If anything, it will go up.  Do you want to be paying a high monthly fee though. Remember that when you spend on one item, that’s less money you have to spend on other items.  Opportunity cost is lost on most people, don’t let that be you.

I have had ADT now for 15 years. That’s right, 15 years and I think that they do a great job. At my old house in a high crime area, they did a good job at monitoring my house.  I had one break-in and the police were there almost instantly. It is amazing how fast they can be in the area when that alarm goes off. The police are very thorough though when they come out. I had one false alarm and they still swept my house for intruders. I appreciate that about the local law enforcement.

DAS VoiceNav Alarm System

The DAS VoiceNav system is sold by Direct Alarm Supplies of Austrailia.  The Direct Alarm Supplies company is making security products that try to be like the Apple Ipod is to music products. Many security products are difficult to use because you have alarm codes going off on your panel and you don’t know what they mean. DAS VoiceNav creates products to fix this by trying to make the products easy to use. Instead of just producing a product that gets the job done, they really try to put the user in mind when they are creating a product.

Let’s look at the DAS VoiceNav alarm system. Here are it’s features:


Modern Architectural Design – using the latest technologies to produce a slimline code pad less than 16mm slim to complement most homes and décors. Consumers will love the appearance!
* Interactive Personal Voice Guide and VoiceCheck Status Key – so easy to use without a manual, consumers will connect to the product with minimal training and reduces support calls to you.
* Customizable Voice Recording and Extensive Voice Library – you or the end-user can personalise zone, area, room and user names. No more mysterious codes and blinking lights!
* Intercom Functionality for up to 8 rooms – essential communication features are built in to every new VoiceNav code pad and work on existing NX\Reliance systems.
* Advanced Touch Interface – Touch Response Keys, Colour Coded Status, and Individually Lit SmartKeys combine together and work for the user.
* Ease of Installation – fully backwards compatible with existing NX and Hills Reliance systems. Same wiring bus and NX programming menu makes it a breeze to install. Just add a 4-core cable in parallel to activate the intercom feature if desired.
* This combination of installer and end-user friendly features makes the Hills Reliance VoiceNav the new standard security system code pad.

The system is much like an Ipod in some respects. It is a touch based security pad. You touch the screen and then it responds by lighting up and then guiding you through your configuration options or any problems you have with your alarm system such as an alarm event.

Some parents may like the intercom functionality which could double as a baby monitor. This would be better than some of the other baby monitors out there because unlike this, this option would be wired and would provide better sound. You can monitor a room in private mode so that the other room doesn’t know you are listening.  Typical installs are to put multiple VoiceNav panels in different locations of your house. That way you can monitor your house better.  You can connect up to 8 units together for the intercomm features.

You can contact Direct Alarm Supplies at one of the phone numbers below depending on your area:

Direct Alarm Supplies – Canberra
Link to Google map

Unit 1, 43-45 Collie Street , Fyshwick , ACT, Australia
Phone: 02 6280 9630 | Fax: 02 6280 9632

Direct Alarm Supplies – Chatswood
Link to Google map

23/380 Eastern Valley Way, Chatswood, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02 8467 1467 | Fax: 02 8467 1499
Direct Alarm Supplies – Granville
Link to Google map
12 Wentworth St, Granville, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02 9897 7722 | Fax: 02 9897 9477

Direct Alarm Supplies – Rosebery
Link to Google map
39 Mentmore Ave, Rosebery, NSW, Australia
Phone: 02 9698 9698 | Fax: 02 9319 1379

For other locations near you, consult DAS:

Buying a home security dvr system

A home security DVR system records video and sometimes audio to a computer hard drive in the DVR system.  There are a ton of buying options out there though for a digital video recorder system.  Which one should you buy?  This like all other questions involves first assessing what your needs are and then after that looking at what products are available. Let’s ask some quick questions first to determine what your needs are:

* One of the most important questions is how many areas of your home or business do you want to secure?  Will you monitor 4 areas with security cameras or 8 areas? Maybe you have 16 areas that you want to watch.  That question will determine how many cameras you need, how many video inputs you will need.  Some dvr systems only come with 4 input jacks for your cameras if they are wired.  4 cameras may not be enough to watch what you are trying to watch.

* Question two is how long do you want to retain your video for?  If you answered question 1, you will know how many camreas you have. Multiple the number of cameras by the amount of video storage requirements for 1 camera and then that will tell you how much space you need.

Broadview cellular backup cost

Broadview cellular backup costs might not be so bad if you want the extra safety it can give you. Typical security systems are monitored through your phone line.  This physical based land line through is vulnerable to being cut.  What if someone comes to your house and cuts that phone line. Then your security system will not be notified and you may be in danger.  An alternative to this is to install a backup cellular phone connection for your security system.  Broadview security offers this option as one of their install features.

Broadview cellular backup cost basics

When your alarm or motion sensor is tripped at your home, the security system will use the cellular phone to call the monitoring company. They do this instead of using your home phone line.  You pay a monthly fee for the service.  This prevents someone from cutting your phone line to short circuit your security system.

As you are reading this article, keep in mind that ADT is buying Broadview security, so some of these prices may change.  Also, consider that if you sign a contract with Broadview that it will likely be taken over by ADT and possibly be changed.

First, you have to consider what security package you are purchasing from Broadview. For an overview of their packages, check the link below. Installation for an internet special on their standard system is $49.

Then on top of that base package, you need to add on an additional cost for the wireless capability as a one time install fee.  This was actually very difficult to find the price on. Broadview does not include that price on their site. I had to call a Broadview dealer to find this out. The cost is $10 / month on top of what you pay for your regular monthly payment. This is to pay for the cellular line. It seems a bit rediculous to me because that may only be used once in a blue moon. You pay $120 / year for something that may never happen.

Broadview cellular backup cost alternatives

You could also consider putting in your own home security system.  You can purchase home security systems such as the GE Simon alarm system which supports cellular backup and setup alarm monitoring with someone else. There are cheaper companies out there that offer alarm monitoring for lower prices than Broadview. However, in the end it’s up to your budget and how much work you are comfortable doing. If you think that you could install a security system yourself, then go for it. On the newer wireless security systems, you won’t have to run a lot of wires through your house. So that might be a pro for you.

Get pricing for your own local area and remember that security companies often want you to sign a 3 year contract committment to them when a new system is installed. They usually don’t let you out of that contract very easily either.  One last point to note is that the burglars don’t know if you have a land based or a cell based security system. The system won’t prevent someone from breaking into your home, but will just make it easier to call the authorities if the need arises.  Never rely on one security system to keep yourself safe. Good security involves using a variety of systems and methods to keep yourself safe.

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